London Will Offer China More Than Singapore Can, Says Boris Johnson

Chinese flags are seen outside Buckingham Palace and infront of Big Ben in London

Despite those and other conspicuous wins, few consider Britain to be the first choice partner for China, which is spreading its tentacles across growing swathes of Africa, as well as increasingly into other European countries whose economic difficulties have made them increasingly attractive places for investment. Although the UK is the second biggest external renminbi trading centre after Singapore, many City analysts believe Britain should also capitalise on its role as a middleman between China and its global investments. Business leaders are incredibly keen for us to do this kind of thing, to lead these sorts of trips, says Johnson. That level of political door opening and engagement it is very important for the City at a political level to show its engagement and its commitment to our Chinese partners. And I think youll find business leaders themselves will confirm that. The mayor says London will be able to capitalise on major Chinese-funded projects such as the 1bn rebuilding of the Royal Albert Docks and the 500m plan to restore the Crystal Palace. There is a lot to do, says Johnson. But were determined to show that London has a huge amount to offer, both in financial terms and in the cultural benefits, from the number of Michelin-starred restaurants to the nightlife. Londons delegation will be making the case for that overtaking Singapore, which I believe is perfectly possible. Nonetheless, in a country that still takes a rigid approach to protocol, both the mayors and the Chancellors staff have been keen to ensure that no details of the impending announcements leak out. What is certain is that we will hear more on the funding of Britains next nuclear power station and if technology giants, such as Huawei, will continue to increase investment in the UK, despite growing hostility to the brand in America. The backdrop is David Camerons meeting in London last year with the Dalai Lama, which badly damaged political relations. All ministerial contact was suspended by China after Cameron and Nick Clegg met the Tibetan leader in defiance of a specific request from Beijing not to do so. Johnson claims it did not have a negative impact on the City. This weeks two trips seem to show no permanent harm has been done. Of more pressing concern for many of the delegates will be Chinas record on intellectual property some British manufacturers report that more than 90pc of sales are taken by Chinese fakes, while companies have been locked in repeated legal battles over breaches of copyright.

Russian millionaires start ‘bottle war’ at London club, racking up $200,000 bar tabs

Londoners, it seems, just can’t get enough of their doughnut-croissant crossovers. From hip east London to tea rooms, high-street cafes and sky-rise restaurants, the high-calorie hybrids are flying off the shelves like the proverbial hot cakes. The craze was dreamed up earlier this year by French chef Dominique Ansel at his bakery in New York, but across the Atlantic it has taken on a life of its own. Jennifer Rinkoff, the fourth generation of her family working in their bakery in east London, claims to have been the first to import the doughnut-croissant into Britain. She worked for three days with a 100-year-old family dough recipe to perfect what she calls a Crodough — the name ‘Cronut’ already being under US trademark protection. Made from laminated dough — flattened and folded into countless layers — it is deep fried and then filled with a choice of custard, raspberry coulis or toffee apple crumble. RELATED: VICTORIA BECKHAM TWEETS FAKE CRONUTS, INVENTOR CORRECTS HER “I saw on Twitter that people were asking where they could get a Cronut in London,” she told AFP, as a queue began to form in the small bakery. “So I played with the dough and by the third day it was exactly how I wanted it.” Among those eying up the fresh, warm Crodoughs lining the counter was student Abi, 19, who heard about the phenomenon online. “We decided to hunt them out and they are just so tasty we had to have them. It’s like a custard explosion, like donut and croissant together — what more could you want?” she said. Rinkoff started off baking just a few Crodoughs as a trial, but now sells about 200 a day. “I wanted to inject a new trend into the business. I think it’s maybe more of a craze at the moment but I don’t think it’s a fad — I want it to be the next cupcake,” she said. High-rise mash-up In London’s fast moving culinary world, the moreish mash-up has already made its way from back-street bakery to high-rise dining. RELATED: CRONUT CRAZE HITS SHAKE SHACK WITH CRONUT HOLE CONCRETE At the Duck and Waffle restaurant, located on the 40th floor of the new Heron Tower sky scraper in the City of London, a Dosant has been added to the Sunday brunch menu.

Tom Hanks Movies Bookend London Film Festival

Above, members of the club’s hospitality staff. And what did you do on Wednesday night? A pair of Russian tycoons went on a head-to-head spending spree at a trendy London nightclub Wednesday, racking up nearly $210,000 combined in champagne and booze. The Russian multi-millionaires, identified only as men in their 30s, started an all-out bottle war shortly after arriving at the club Kitsch in central London shortly after midnight, the Evening Standard reported. RELATED: CLUBGOERS TRIED TO GET ON STAGE BEFORE SOHO SHOOTING “It was one of the most bizarre nights I’ve ever seen,” one witness told the newspaper. “These two guys were competing with each other to buy more and more champagne. Each time one would buy five bottles the other would order six, then seven, then eight.” One bill included 64 bottles of Dom Perignon, 25 bottles of Cristal Brut, 16 bottles of Ace of Spades champagne, 12 bottles of Dom Perignon Rose, 20 cans of the energy drink Red Bulland morefor a tab totaling more than 64,200 British pounds, or around $102,500. Caters News The Russian clubgoers’ receipts.The ‘winner’ threw down for 30 magnum-sized bottles of Cristal Brut champagne. His rival took a slight edge by throwing down for 30 magnum-sized bottles of Cristal Brut champagne, totaling more than $65,000 alone. His credit card took a hit of more than 66,700 British Pounds, or around $106,500. The lucky servers who took care of the pair pocketed more than $14,000 in tips each. RELATED: JUSTIN BIEBER ATTACKED BY CLUBGOER IN TORONTO “I’ve seen stuff like this once before in St. Tropez where there’s a bottle war, but not in London,” the clubber told the Evening Standard.

London jumps on Cronut craze with the Dosant and the Crodough

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